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Get Smart – “Die Spy”

Here’s another one of those miscellaneous clips I found on YouTube back in 2008 that just fueled my growing interest in Robert Culp. This clip amused me to no end and I still get a good laugh from it when I go back and watch it. This particular episode of Get Smart was a spoof of I Spy and although Culp is not credited for this appearance, the scene is totally his.

So! Kind gentlemen and lovely ladies, it would please me to have you to watch this clip…

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TGAH: The Hit Car

Originally aired: March 25, 1981

In the early exploration of All Things Culp, I mined my way through YouTube. Back in 2008 there wasn’t a whole lot of stuff posted, a couple episodes of I Spy , one or two made for tv movies and various miscellaneous vids that I’ll cover in other posts. Amongst the miscellaneous stuff, however, was a vid that single handedly sold me on Bill Maxwell and The Greatest American Hero series. This vid is brilliant.

I was sold. I bought all three seasons in fairly short order.

I was especially sold on Culp’s Bill Maxwell, the calcified, old school Fed who freaked out and took off in the pilot after the visit with the “green guys” and the bequeathing of the suit to Ralph. He returned, however, out of a sense of duty and curious to see what the fuss was all about. By the end of the pilot, he was becoming quite comfortable with the idea of this supersuit and with this first regular season episode, he was ready to run the whole show, much to Ralph’s chagrin. Honestly, if the pilot for The Greatest American Hero didn’t sell you on watching this show, The Hit Car should have. This is by far my favorite episode.

So what’s the fuss all about? Read on…

Starlet Wilde has agreed to testify against Johnny “The Dancer” Diamante, the biggest “dope dealing slug” that FBI agent Bill Maxwell has been trying to nail for 15 years. After another Fed attempts to drive Starlet to LA from San Francisco and is shot in the process, Bill decides to go to San Francisco and bring her down himself – with help from Ralph and the suit.

Ralph, meanwhile, is trying to organize his class to do a Shakespeare play which will get them some credits for English Lit (which nobody seems to particularly care about). During the first meeting for the play, unfortunately, Bill shows up, tells Ralph they have a flight to San Francisco at 7 o’clock and it was go time.

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Continue reading more of the Hit Car…


I Spy on

While working on a future post of screen caps for an I Spy episode, I discovered that as of February 15th episodes will no longer be available for free on Hulu and will be moved to Hulu’s subscription service, HuluPlus. The cost is $7.99 a month. The benefit of the subscription service is you can have access to the episodes on more devices, everything from your gaming console to your iPad to your sneaker phone.

Although I lament the loss of the free viewing on the web, I suppose the HuluPlus subscription is a better deal than your basic cable bill (ours runs about $60 a month).  And I’m glad to see shows like I Spy and The Greatest American Hero available through this format. As of this time TGAH is still available through the free Hulu service but I would predict that it too will be moved to HuluPlus (I’m predicting everything will be moved to HuluPlus at some point).

Since I don’t have the multiple devices and have just my DVD player, I’m content with sticking with my DVDs.  Besides, you can’t tell me watching Robert Culp on a dinky little screen on your iPhone is all that satisfying…


DVD Release: Sunday in New York

The Warner Archive has released via their DVD on demand, the 1963 Jane Fonda film “Sunday In New York” (Remastered).  Robert Culp, of course, is also in it. I’ve seen various photos and movie stills from this movie and have read about and have lamented not being able to find it on DVD.

I just loooooooooooooove the Warner Archive! Thanks WB!

(Disclosure: If you purchase through the provided link, I receive compensation. Click here for details.)

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In a recent purchase of Robert Culp magazine clippings from eBay was this gem…

Robert Culp has been quite busy making movies, guest-starring on TV dramatic shows and turning down all series offers until this comedy-mystery came his way. The former star of ‘Trackdown’ (a western) is 34 years old, 6’2″ tall and 180 pounds of “wow.”

Wow indeed!

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