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While working on a future post of screen caps for an I Spy episode, I discovered that as of February 15th episodes will no longer be available for free on Hulu and will be moved to Hulu’s subscription service, HuluPlus. The cost is $7.99 a month. The benefit of the subscription service is you can have access to the episodes on more devices, everything from your gaming console to your iPad to your sneaker phone.

Although I lament the loss of the free viewing on the web, I suppose the HuluPlus subscription is a better deal than your basic cable bill (ours runs about $60 a month).  And I’m glad to see shows like I Spy and The Greatest American Hero available through this format. As of this time TGAH is still available through the free Hulu service but I would predict that it too will be moved to HuluPlus (I’m predicting everything will be moved to HuluPlus at some point).

Since I don’t have the multiple devices and have just my DVD player, I’m content with sticking with my DVDs.  Besides, you can’t tell me watching Robert Culp on a dinky little screen on your iPhone is all that satisfying…

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Tiny Tim
Tiny Tim

Bummer… I was wondering what happened to them!

I’d heard vague reference to it before, but never seen any of the episodes.

Sometime later, I started telling many of my friends and family about what a great show it is and how they should check it out on hulu… only to find… the episodes were all gone!

LOL! Thought I was going mad… 😛