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While working on a future post of screen caps for an I Spy episode, I discovered that as of February 15th episodes will no longer be available for free on Hulu and will be moved to Hulu’s subscription service, HuluPlus. The cost is $7.99 a month. The benefit of the subscription service is you can have access to the episodes on more devices, everything from your gaming console to your iPad to your sneaker phone.

Although I lament the loss of the free viewing on the web, I suppose the HuluPlus subscription is a better deal than your basic cable bill (ours runs about $60 a month).  And I’m glad to see shows like I Spy and The Greatest American Hero available through this format. As of this time TGAH is still available through the free Hulu service but I would predict that it too will be moved to HuluPlus (I’m predicting everything will be moved to HuluPlus at some point).

Since I don’t have the multiple devices and have just my DVD player, I’m content with sticking with my DVDs.  Besides, you can’t tell me watching Robert Culp on a dinky little screen on your iPhone is all that satisfying…

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Posted in News by Lisa Philbrick on February 11th, 2011 at 10:31 pm.


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  1. Tiny Tim Jul 19th 2011

    Bummer… I was wondering what happened to them!

    I’d heard vague reference to it before, but never seen any of the episodes.

    Sometime later, I started telling many of my friends and family about what a great show it is and how they should check it out on hulu… only to find… the episodes were all gone!

    LOL! Thought I was going mad… 😛

  2. LOL. No, not mad… but it’s maddening when stuff like that disappears!

    There’s a few episodes on YouTube still, but who knows how long those will remain up.

    Several fans emailed Hulu several times asking if I Spy would be back and basically got the “rights have expired” answer. And although back in February Hulu said they were moving the show to HuluPlus…I don’t see it come up when I do a search at Hulu. Culp’s ’82 Saturday Night Live appearance shows as “HP” so I would think I Spy would show up too, if it were there.

    It is a great show and it’s too bad it can’t be seen on Hulu right now. As you said, it’s a bummer!

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