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eBay Regrets

eBay is a dangerous place. Seriously. I only look once in a while because it never fails that I find something, or several somethings, and I could easily blow a small fortune on Robert Culp related material. Not that this is a bad thing but I suppose I have to maintain some semblance of restraint here.

Yeah, right.

Annnnnd as might be expected there are those times when I practice restraint and regret it later.

Last summer there was an auction on eBay for several color negatives (I believe the number was 33) all of Robert Culp from the movie Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice. The images shown on the auction description were these…


I downloaded the scans and pondered about bidding on the negatives but for whatever reason at the time (probably that silly restraint thing) I didn’t bid. The auction came and went ( I don’t remember if they sold or not) and I went about my way, even going in and playing around in my photo program with the scans from the auction. 


I all but forgot about the auction until a few months ago when another set of negatives from B&C&T&A came up on eBay. Eighteen color negatives this time, all but maybe three of them of Culp. And I saw the one at the top of this strip…

Ohhh… HEE! I gotta have that. I downloaded the scans, like before, but this time I submitted a bid. And I won!

I also fixed up the scanned image and got this, which I’m rather proud of…

I soooo regret not bidding on that first auction last summer (I blew off 33 photos of Culp?! What the hell was I thinking?!?!) Now, I have these 18 or so negatives and I’m not sure what exactly I’m gonna do with them…

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