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DVD Release: Hickey & Boggs

Robert Culp as Frank Boggs in "Hickey & Boggs"

Finally, finally, finally!! Hickey & Boggs is being release on DVD August 23rd under the MGM Classics Collection (manufacture on demand) and will be available through Screen Archives. You can pre-order now (I already have!). Granted, I downloaded the movie from iTunes and have watched it several times already but having it on DVD ensures two things: 1. My future cap n’ yap on this movie will be easier to do. 2. When I’ve burned through five computers (I’m on #3) I won’t have to worry about losing any “permissions” to continue to watch the movie on any future computers.

Thank you MGM!




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Posted in News by Lisa Philbrick on July 31st, 2011 at 7:22 pm.

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