Another Open Letter to NBC

Dear NBC,

You know, I like to think that somehow through the cosmos, somebody there picked up on my “I’m-really-torked-with-NBC-because-this-Culp-clip-won’t-play” vibe while I was banging out my previous letter just last night. I know though that it’s just coincidence and timing. Because after I posted it this morning and then went about my merry way, I checked my email.

And what did my jaded eye see? Another link in Google alerts to for a clip of Robert Culp on SNL. This time for the “cold opening” of the show, the sketch with Eddie Murphy.

Hmm… Having been down this road once already I had no high hopes, but I clicked. Yeah, right, I bet this won’t play either….

But it did! It played! WOOHOO!

Thank you NBC!

Now, um, you think you get that monologue bit posted too? Pretty please?



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