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Maxwell Monday – I Like Your Smile

Everybody needs a smile for a Monday.

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And the Rain in Spain…

…falls “Mainly on the Plains,” the I Spy episode which aired February 22, 1967. Scotty and Kelly have to convince a scientist (played by Boris Karloff) who has declared no support to either side (East or West) that it would be beneficial for him to give an allegiance to the West. Matters are complicated by the scientist’s somewhat excessive enthusiasm for “Don Quixote” and the occasional delusion in thinking he IS Don Quixote.

“That’s exactly it. That’s just how beautifully I’ve worked it all out — because for a knight errant to go crazy for good reason, how much is that worth? My idea is to become a lunatic for no good reason at all.” – Don Quixote


“I am in my right mind, now, clear-headed and free of the murky darkness of ignorance, brought upon me by my continual, bitter reading of those abominable books of chivalry.” – Don Quixote.

The whole episode is a lot of fun and there’s too many good scenes to choose from. But here’s two. The first “Don Quixote” faces down the windmills…

…and then Kelly eggs on Scotty in a classic jail escape scene.

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Mardi Gras with Robert Culp

Happy Fat Tuesday! If you can’t get to New Orleans, here’s a chance to bring a bit of New Orleans to you by way of this great 1964 TV movie “The Hanged Man” starring Robert Culp and Vera Miles.  A little dirty labor union politics, murder, lies, extortion, double crossing….it’s all here. With Mardi Gras as the backdrop. Culp is FANTASTIC in this. Check it out! (Thanks Amaryllis!). The TV Movie as we would know it by the 70s and 80s was just coming into being by 1964 with this, the second such film aired.


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Maxwell Monday – The Man in Black

Culp always looked fine in black. As Maxwell, there was no exception. So today’s cure for the Monday blues, here’s Bill in black!


Island Getaway in February

The Greatest American Hero episode “A Chicken in Every Plot” aired this date, February 17, 1982. Filmed on location in the Virgin Islands, a friend of Maxwell’s invites Bill down to a small island country in the Caribbean to help raise up a shipwreck. Only nobody wants the boat raised and Bill, along with Ralph, Pam and Ralph’s students find themselves mixed up in nasty local politics and deadly voodoo.

I can’t think of a better reminder that warmer weather is coming!

Maxwell’s assertiveness is legendary and the following scene is no exception. But when he learns of his friend fate, it literally stops him in tracks…

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Place Your Bets

It may have been a “dumb bet” but it made a great episode. The I Spy episode “Bet Me a Dollar” aired on this date, February 16th, in 1966.  Kelly decides to get “lost” for awhile and Scotty makes a bet that he can find him. Normally it would be some fun and games except that Scotty really has to find Kelly after finding out that Kelly is infected with anthrax from a knife wound he received from helping break up a street fight.

A very similar plotline was used in the Starsky & Hutch episode “The Game” in 1978.

Early in the episode, after Kelly gets his wound patched up and before the anthrax is discovered he plays it up for his date. It works…until he forgets to keep up the act.

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Maxwell Monday – One Bourbon, One Scotch and One Beer

Oh man, it’s Monday again???

I think I need me a triple shot of that juice…

One bourbon…

One scotch…

…and one beer.


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News: I Spy on is BACK!!


Yes indeed, the boys are back on! And no, you don’t have to subscribe to HuluPlus to see it!

Thanks Hulu for bringing I Spy back!


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Thursday Delight

On this date in 1966 (February 9), the I Spy episode “Turkish Delight” originally aired. Scotty is bait to try to find out what has happened to several agronomists with Kelly trying to trace the trail to find out where his partner has been abducted to.

The delight in this one comes at the end of the episode…

Kelly’s rescue attempt of Scotty turns out just a mite embarassing…

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