Mother, Spies and Beer

…make up the jist of the I Spy episode “My Mother, the Spy” which aired March 30, 1966. Kelly and Scotty must convince a female spy who’s been betrayed and is targeted by the enemy to return to the United States. The fact that she is with child complicates things.

Kelly and Scotty spend a good portion of the episode in fisticuffs with mysterious thugs. At one point they’re escorted from the hospital grounds to a bar and questioned, more or less, under the encouragement of a sawed off shotgun.

After getting out of that scrap, they go back to the bar later to try to find out who wanted them roughed up. Some more beer gets thrown around…

The Gang’s All Here…

…what the heck do we care? What the heck do we care? Hey hey! Hey, the gang’s all here….in the second Greatest American Hero episode to air, “The Hit Car”on March 25, 1981.

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One of my all time favorite Culp/Maxwell scenes is when Maxwell confronts Johnny Diamante in the restaurant. It doesn’t get much better than this…

Crusade to a Punch in the Mouth

Kelly gets decked at the beginning and the end of the I Spy episode “Crusade to Limbo” which aired this date, March 23, 1966. An acquaintance of Kelly’s, Sean Christie (a well known – if fictitious – American Hollywood actor) is seen in Mexico and has apparently joined up with other notable people and celebrities to take part in an invasion and revolution of “a neighboring country.” Kelly and Scotty pretend to have anti-American views in order to get inside the elite group and get to the bottom of their plans.

I dunno about you but the guy on the left (character actor Wesley Addy) reminds me of Anderson Cooper…

Although the premise borders on the absurd (celebrities being part of an invasion? With guns? Seriously?) the episode does have its moments. In the clip below, Kelly and Scotty must prove their allegiance by killing Sean who has been marked a traitor by the group. An interesting show of the trust between Kelly and Scotty.

As I noted above, Kelly gets decked twice in this episode. The first time is at the beginning when he sees Sean at an outdoor art fair (Sean punches him). The second time is at the end of the episode. Kelly and Scotty are back at the art fair again and Kelly spots another celebrity. A real one this time and it’s none other than creator and producer of I Spy Sheldon Leonard himself.

When Kelly can’t stop putting his foot in his mouth, Sheldon belts him. (And yes, Sheldon Leonard really talked out of the side of his mouth.)