If You’re Looking For Trouble…

…you were introduced to the West Coast distributor on this date (March 18th) 1981. The Greatest American Hero premiered on ABC with a two-hour pilot movie.

You can check out my capapalooza for the pilot, along with some extra tidbits here.

Meantime, if you really are looking for trouble, you can check out Bill’s introduction in the clip below…

..and the Lawrence of Palmdale.

Picking Up the Pieces

On March 8, 1967 the I Spy episode “Blackout” aired. A drugged Kelly awakes in a seedy hotel room to find the beautiful Russian ballerina who was his assignment, dead. With Scotty’s help, he has to piece together what happened the night before and clear himself of her murder.

One minute into the episode and Culp has his shirt off. Practically a record!

Ok, all kidding aside on Culp shirtless (can you blame me? I mean, really, can you?) this is a fine whodunnit episode with the boys having to piece everything together. Scotty doesn’t let Kelly give in for one second.

Although it’s hard to see it as the scene takes place during the night, Kelly appears to wear a full length leather duster in this episode. Nice!

Here’s the opening act (after the credits) that sets the stage for the rest of the episode. This, folks, is a fine example of the drama that I Spy was known for.

Gilman vs. Randall

On March 7, 1958 the Trackdown episode “The Bounty Hunter” aired. Featuring Steve McQueen, this episode launched the spin off for McQueen’s series “Wanted Dead or Alive.”


Winter’s Not Over Yet

After two episodes in a nice tropical climate (I missed posting on Devil and the Deep Blue Sea), Bill, Ralph and Pam face international intrigue on the ski slopes when they help a downhill racer from Czechoslovakia defect to the US. The Greatest American Hero episode “It’s All Downhill From Here” aired March 3, 1982.

Bill’s suit musta been nice and toasty warm because he never sports any overcoat during this episode, just a scarf and gloves. I hope it was warm considering he hitches a ride on a snowmobile later in the episode – with no overcoat either.

I was never crazy about the two gun thing particularly in later episodes because it almost bordered on Yosemite Sam. But here, he was so damn serious looking with them!