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Maxwell Monday – Biker Bill

The Greatest American Hero episode “Hog Wild” originally aired November 25, 1981 (which would’ve been yesterday) but I reserved some caps for today’s Maxwell Monday. Look out Monday, here comes Trouble on Wheels… (Go git ’em, Bill!)

Got my hand on the throttle and my eyes on the thin white line

Gonna burn a little rubber wanna listen to the engine whine

I gotta dirty job to do

ain’t gonna quit until I’m through

cuz I’m a mean motor scooter and I’m feelin’ meaner all the time


Here comes trouble

I ain’t makin’ no deals

I’m danger in motion

Trouble on Wheels

–“Trouble on Wheels” written by Stephen Geyser, sung by Joey Scarbury


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Maxwell Monday – The Resurrection of Carlini

All together now…. CARRLIIIINIIII!!!

The Greatest American Hero episode “The Resurrection of Carlini” originally aired November 19, 1982. This would be the last new third season episode of TGAH to air until January of 1983. Which also makes this the last episode to coincide with a Maxwell Monday.

This episode features the “Bill the Pirate” look…

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Maxwell Monday – This is the One the Suit Was Meant For

On November 12, 1982 The Greatest American Hero episode “This is the One the Suit Was Meant For” originally aired. I dunno if the scenario was what the suit was meant for but damn if Maxwell’s shirt wasn’t worth the price of admission in this one! Not a bad pick me up for a Monday…

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Maxwell Monday – The Price is Right

Hey, the price is always right with Bill Maxwell on a Monday. And since the third season The Greatest American Hero episode “The Price is Right” originally aired on November 5, 1982, it’s only appropriate to share a few caps on this Maxwell Monday.

I dunno which is worse, Bill with his feet on the table or Ralph using his cape as an apron…

Just one word for this scene…. yeah…

Any bets ol’ Maxwell is not drinking straight orange juice?

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