Retro Hijinks: Boob & Carnal & Tad & Alas…. & The Mad Magazine Spoof of Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice

May I state for the record that I don’t think I’ve ever used that many ampersands in anything. Ever.

Robert Culp was no stranger to the antics of Mad Magazine, having been spoofed at least four times (that I’m aware of), for I Spy, Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice, Columbo and The Greatest American Hero. Previously I featured the 1973 Mad satire on the popular detective series Columbo (called “Clodumbo“) which included Dr. Robert Culpable as the poor unfortunate sap that gets pestered by the lieutenant to the point he confesses to a crime he didn’t commit just to make the lieutenant go away. Now, we go back three years prior, to 1970, and the spoof of the 1969 film Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice.

May I add that Culp looks cute here as a caricature? All shy and innocent lookin’, holding the blanket up, just like he is in the movie…

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No…Not MORE eBay BCTA Photos?!

Why yes! More! Another set of negatives from the SFX Archive and this time we had some international drama!

Well, maybe not exactly drama but I did suffer a bit of an upset when I was outbid on this set of negatives of Culp with Natalie Wood.

Oh yeah, I was bummed to miss on those, definitely. At the time I didn’t know who outbid me but in doing some detective work later, near as I can tell, the winner is a Natalie Wood fan in France (based on their other auction wins), to which I extend my heartfelt congratulations and hope the negatives are well cared for. (But winning bidder, if you ever decide you want to sell them just give me a shout!)

I did win this lot of negatives, however…

When I logged into eBay to check on the outcome of the auctions, I noticed there were more negatives available – but these didn’t come up when I did a search for “robert culp” in the SFX Archive’s eBay store. I then searched “bob carol ted alice” and got a boatload of results. Among them, were these…

I didn’t have to bid. I love the “Buy it Now” option!

This makes the third batch of negatives I’ve acquired (check out the ones that got away, the first set and the second set that I purchased.) There are additional negatives still available but I have to concede that the prices each time have gone up significantly. Those Holy Grail 33 negatives I blew off? They went for less than $20 if I recall right. This latest set I obtained, the auction win was around $29. The buy it now set I paid over $50 for.

And here they are as developed into photographs. And I got the photos on CD again too (told you, I got this down to a science now!)

 ”Photobucket” ”Photobucket”
”Photobucket” ”Photobucket”
”Photobucket” ”Photobucket” ”Photobucket”
”Photobucket” ”Photobucket” ”Photobucket”

I have added all the photos (so far) in the BCTA Photo Negatives Collection to the Photo Gallery and Culp Clips page.