What? More eBay BCTA photos?

Yes indeedy! No, not the now Holy Grail 33 negatives that I bungled on getting previously, but another set of 27 rare negatives from the SFX Archive. This is now the third such auction on Culp photo negatives from the movie “Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice” that I’ve seen on eBay and is the second one that I had the smarts enough to bid or buy now on. (You can read about the first set I purchased and see the photos here.)

I’m indebted Tatia on the I Spy Forum for spotting this auction and posting about it. (You know…information, Kel 🙂 )

Here’s the scan that the SFX Archive had with their auction…

Enticing right? You bet! Especially the ones of Culp in the full leather get up. And the ones in the white shirt and brown cords with the movie camera. And…oh yeah the white swim trunks and red jacket… (SOLD).

Just as before, I had the photos done in 8 x 10 prints and this time also had them put on a CD. Yeah, I’m finally getting the hang of this I think…

Here’s the rundown…

A couple of these are not clear focus which is unfortunate. #3 and #4 are my favorites. That last one…somebody’s getting an opinion or something!

Robert Culp in “Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice" Robert Culp in “Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice" Robert Culp in “Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice"
Robert Culp in “Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice" Robert Culp in “Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice" Robert Culp in “Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice"

I love these with the movie camera. My personal favorite is #2 and #5.

image host


Heh heh, yeeeah….and gee, they all were clear focus. What luck!




From the dinner scene. Wonder what somebody said in the second photo to get THAT look?

I dunno about y’all but the first pic does not match any scene in the movie that I can recall. The second one is at the “retreat,” third is from the bathroom scene and the fourth is from the Vegas scene.

All in all, another fine addition to the Culp Collection. I’m still keeping my eye out for those 33, but I’m very glad to have these gems in the collection!

Those eBay BCTA Photos…

Earlier this year I posted about finding some photograph negatives on eBay last year of Robert Culp from the movie Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice…and how I blew it off and didn’t put a bid in on them. (Yeah. Didn’t. No, I still can’t believe I was that stupid!) So far, it’s my biggest eBay regret so when another auction came up for additional negatives, I jumped on it and bid. And won.

I ended up with 12 photos of Culp that I subsequently had developed into some nice 8x10s for my own collection. Here they are…


With the exception of adjusting the size and the color due to the scanning, I did no other digital alterations to the photos. I was very pleased with how they came out and am thrilled to have them. I can’t help but wonder what the photo developer thought when they got this order (the negatives had to be sent out to be processed and I waited, patiently, for 3 weeks for them to come back). Did they recognize that this was Robert Culp? Did they wonder how the hell did these negatives ended up in Podunk, USA…?

Whoever it was, I thank them for the fine job they did.

Now if I could just find those other 33 negatives I blew off…

eBay Regrets

eBay is a dangerous place.

Seriously. I only look once in a while because it never fails that I find something, or several somethings, and I could easily blow a small fortune on Robert Culp related material. Not that this is a bad thing but I suppose I have to maintain some semblance of restraint here.

Yeah, right.

Annnnnd as might be expected there are those times when I practice restraint and regret it later.

Last summer there was an auction on eBay for several color negatives (I believe the number was 33) all of Robert Culp from the movie Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice. The images shown on the auction description were these…

I downloaded the scans and pondered about bidding on the negatives but for whatever reason at the time (probably that silly restraint thing) I didn’t bid. The auction came and went ( I don’t remember if they sold or not) and I went about my way, even going in and playing around in my photo program with the scans from the auction.

I all but forgot about the auction until a few months ago when another set of negatives from B&C&T&A came up on eBay. Eighteen color negatives this time, all but maybe three of them of Culp. And I saw the one at the top of this strip…

Ohhh… HEE! I gotta have that. I downloaded the scans, like before, but this time I submitted a bid. And I won!

I also fixed up the scanned image and got this, which I’m rather proud of…

I soooo regret not bidding on that first auction last summer (I blew off 33 photos of Culp?! What the hell was I thinking?!?!) Now, I have these 18 or so negatives and I’m not sure what exactly I’m gonna do with them…