Mother, Spies and Beer

…make up the jist of the I Spy episode “My Mother, the Spy” which aired March 30, 1966. Kelly and Scotty must convince a female spy who’s been betrayed and is targeted by the enemy to return to the United States. The fact that she is with child complicates things.

Kelly and Scotty spend a good portion of the episode in fisticuffs with mysterious thugs. At one point they’re escorted from the hospital grounds to a bar and questioned, more or less, under the encouragement of a sawed off shotgun.

After getting out of that scrap, they go back to the bar later to try to find out who wanted them roughed up. Some more beer gets thrown around…

Crusade to a Punch in the Mouth

Kelly gets decked at the beginning and the end of the I Spy episode “Crusade to Limbo” which aired this date, March 23, 1966. An acquaintance of Kelly’s, Sean Christie (a well known – if fictitious – American Hollywood actor) is seen in Mexico and has apparently joined up with other notable people and celebrities to take part in an invasion and revolution of “a neighboring country.” Kelly and Scotty pretend to have anti-American views in order to get inside the elite group and get to the bottom of their plans.

I dunno about you but the guy on the left (character actor Wesley Addy) reminds me of Anderson Cooper…

Although the premise borders on the absurd (celebrities being part of an invasion? With guns? Seriously?) the episode does have its moments. In the clip below, Kelly and Scotty must prove their allegiance by killing Sean who has been marked a traitor by the group. An interesting show of the trust between Kelly and Scotty.

As I noted above, Kelly gets decked twice in this episode. The first time is at the beginning when he sees Sean at an outdoor art fair (Sean punches him). The second time is at the end of the episode. Kelly and Scotty are back at the art fair again and Kelly spots another celebrity. A real one this time and it’s none other than creator and producer of I Spy Sheldon Leonard himself.

When Kelly can’t stop putting his foot in his mouth, Sheldon belts him. (And yes, Sheldon Leonard really talked out of the side of his mouth.)


Picking Up the Pieces

On March 8, 1967 the I Spy episode “Blackout” aired. A drugged Kelly awakes in a seedy hotel room to find the beautiful Russian ballerina who was his assignment, dead. With Scotty’s help, he has to piece together what happened the night before and clear himself of her murder.

One minute into the episode and Culp has his shirt off. Practically a record!

Ok, all kidding aside on Culp shirtless (can you blame me? I mean, really, can you?) this is a fine whodunnit episode with the boys having to piece everything together. Scotty doesn’t let Kelly give in for one second.

Although it’s hard to see it as the scene takes place during the night, Kelly appears to wear a full length leather duster in this episode. Nice!

Here’s the opening act (after the credits) that sets the stage for the rest of the episode. This, folks, is a fine example of the drama that I Spy was known for.

And the Rain in Spain…

…falls “Mainly on the Plains,” the I Spy episode which aired February 22, 1967. Scotty and Kelly have to convince a scientist (played by Boris Karloff) who has declared no support to either side (East or West) that it would be beneficial for him to give an allegiance to the West. Matters are complicated by the scientist’s somewhat excessive enthusiasm for “Don Quixote” and the occasional delusion in thinking he IS Don Quixote.

“That’s exactly it. That’s just how beautifully I’ve worked it all out — because for a knight errant to go crazy for good reason, how much is that worth? My idea is to become a lunatic for no good reason at all.” – Don Quixote


“I am in my right mind, now, clear-headed and free of the murky darkness of ignorance, brought upon me by my continual, bitter reading of those abominable books of chivalry.” – Don Quixote.

The whole episode is a lot of fun and there’s too many good scenes to choose from. But here’s two. The first “Don Quixote” faces down the windmills…

…and then Kelly eggs on Scotty in a classic jail escape scene.

Place Your Bets

It may have been a “dumb bet” but it made a great episode. The I Spy episode “Bet Me a Dollar” aired on this date, February 16th, in 1966.  Kelly decides to get “lost” for awhile and Scotty makes a bet that he can find him. Normally it would be some fun and games except that Scotty really has to find Kelly after finding out that Kelly is infected with anthrax from a knife wound he received from helping break up a street fight.

A very similar plotline was used in the Starsky & Hutch episode “The Game” in 1978.

Early in the episode, after Kelly gets his wound patched up and before the anthrax is discovered he plays it up for his date. It works…until he forgets to keep up the act.