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Updated: September 4, 2012

Skyriders - 1976



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Robert Culp


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Updated: March 24, 2013

Robert Culp


Maxwell Motivational Posters

New poster added:

Maxwell Motivational Poster - Dipolomacy

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  1. I believe I still have a porn magazine which features full frontal naked shots of perhaps a 50 year old Robert Culp with another male and two nymphets clambering over rocks at the edge of a stream, and later sitting in a pool of water playing with each other’s equipment. Nothing gay here, It was strictly hetero action, but there’s no question as to the legitimacy of the photos. His name was used, as was the name of the other guy. I don’t remember that the gals names were mentioned. There were definitely several photos in which a totally unremarkable penis was displayed for the voyeur’s edification, and Culp’s never remarkable physique seemed that of an older man… rather paunchy… RobtheElder

  2. That “I Spy” scene with Kelly reading a comic book has got to be one of the best shots from the series. Two guys living out of suitcases, an iron visible in the background, coffee and toast in the foreground, and Kelly concentrating on “Konga” as though he were reading Proust . . . priceless.

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