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  1. David Durost Feb 6th 2016

    Hi, I read on IMDB that Robert Culp was a staunch liberal Democrat. Is that true that he as partisan liberal? It also states that he was good friends of Hugh Heffner and frequently visited the Playboy Mansion. It’s a wonder if he did engage in fun with the Playboy bunnies as it is an atmosphere of sexual activity. Now I would like to believe that he didn’t do that. However he is a man and if he was a liberal it makes sense that he would condone that kind of atmosphere.

  2. Lisa Philbrick Feb 11th 2016


    Yes, Culp was a liberal. Yes, he was friends with Hef and visited the mansion often. As to the rest of your comment, it serves no purpose, much like the similarly written email you sent me a couple of years ago that I ignored at the time. You’re passing judgement based on broad assumptions defined by your own biases. I was going to delete your post originally but I’ve decided to let it remain because frankly, sir, you’re an idiot.

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