Operation Breadbasket Film to be Preserved

The National Film Preserrvation Foundation announced on Wednesday that it has awarded preservation grants to save 64 films, including the Robert Culp produced, directed and narrated 1969 documentary “Operation Breadbasket.”

“Breadbasket” tells the story of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference’s economic arm and its efforts to improve economic conditions for black communities. It’s said that Culp essentially went broke producing this film, but did so because it was important to him.  He succeeded in selling the film to ABC and the network aired it not once but twice in 1969 to critical acclaim.

Naturally, I’m curious to know if there might be a DVD release, even a limited one. I’d be interested in seeing the film.

DVD Release: PT 109

Have I mentioned I loooooooooove the WB Archive?? I’ve just learned that PT 109, the film that recounts President John F. Kennedy’s experiences in the Pacific during WWII will be released through the Warner Archive MOD format on May 10, 2011. You can pre-order the PT 109 (DVD) at the WB site. (Disclosure: If you purchase through the provided link, I receive compensation. Click here for details.)

I just watched “Sunday in New York” this past weekend and had wondered if PT 109 would find its way into the Warner Archive MOD format. And it has! Woohoo!

Thanks again WB!

DVD Release: Great Scout and Cathouse Thursday

I’ve just learned that Great Scout And Cathouse Thursday is being released tomorrow, 3/29/11, through 20th Century Fox’s MGM Limited Edition Collection. The release is being done “MOD” (Manufacture on Demand) but unlike Warner Brothers, where you can buy directly from WB through their archive, you can order the Fox/MGM DVD through online retailers such as Amazon, MoviesUnlimited, ect.  (Disclosure: If you purchase through the provided link, I receive compensation. Click here for details.)

Yeehaa! Another DVD to add to the growing Culp Collection!

I Spy on Hulu.com

While working on a future post of screen caps for an I Spy episode, I discovered that as of February 15th episodes will no longer be available for free on Hulu and will be moved to Hulu’s subscription service, HuluPlus. The cost is $7.99 a month. The benefit of the subscription service is you can have access to the episodes on more devices, everything from your gaming console to your iPad to your sneaker phone.

Although I lament the loss of the free viewing on the web, I suppose the HuluPlus subscription is a better deal than your basic cable bill (ours runs about $60 a month).  And I’m glad to see shows like I Spy and The Greatest American Hero available through this format. As of this time TGAH is still available through the free Hulu service but I would predict that it too will be moved to HuluPlus (I’m predicting everything will be moved to HuluPlus at some point).

Since I don’t have the multiple devices and have just my DVD player, I’m content with sticking with my DVDs.  Besides, you can’t tell me watching Robert Culp on a dinky little screen on your iPhone is all that satisfying…

DVD Release: Sunday in New York

The Warner Archive has released via their DVD on demand, the 1963 Jane Fonda film “Sunday In New York“.  Robert Culp, of course, is also in it. I’ve seen various photos and movie stills from this movie and have read about and have lamented not being able to find it on DVD.

I just loooooooooooooove the Warner Archive! Thanks WB!